Dear Aurora voter,

In this busy election season, it is easy to overlook important local ballot issues that have a great impact on everyday life in Aurora.

Your November ballot will include an important question that will impact the city’s ability to provide a safe and efficient environment for vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic throughout Aurora.

Renewing this existing tax would cost $2.70 per month for someone living in a $200,000 home – less than the price of a gallon of gas — well worth the benefit of wider streets, reduced traffic, safer intersections and better mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Whether you drive, bike, walk – or all three – your day-to-day mobility will be greatly improved by the results of this important question for Aurora’s future. And it won’t cost you any more in property taxes than you’re paying right now.

For better roads, safer sidewalks and more bicycle routes, we urge you to vote YES on Question 2B on this November’s ballot.

Mayor Steve Hogan
On Behalf Of the Aurora Moves Initiative Steering Committee

Key supporters include: Aurora Chamber of Commerce, Aurora Police Assn., Aurora Firefighters Local 1290, Bicycle Aurora, the Aurora Assn. of Realtors, Move Colorado, Transportation Solutions, and many Aurora City Councilmembers, businesses, and individuals.

PS – More information on 2B and its 21 transportation projects is below.

What is Aurora Moves 2B?

By passing this extension of a current property tax, you are supporting the economy, mobility and safety in Aurora through $71.38 million in transportation improvements. These important transportation projects will improve access to Buckley Air Force Base, Fitzsimons Medical Campus and other growing employment centers. They will also help to reduce traffic congestion in some of the most frequently traveled corridors and improve safety and connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians.

Visit for more information on this important ballot question and vote Yes this November. For information on voting go to or