CG/LA InfrastructureDENVER, CO – Several Colorado infrastructure projects have been listed among the Top 100 strategic infrastructure projects in North America. The projects will be highlighted at the North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum October 15th – 17th, which includes a keynote speech from Governor John Hickenlooper. (Event Details / Agenda)

The top 100 were chosen because they are critical to the productivity and long-term competitiveness of a country or region. CG/LA Infrastructure estimates that when combined the 100 projects have the potential to create:

  • 6 million+ direct jobs over 4.5 years, with the bulk of those jobs created over the next 24 months
  • 10-12 million indirect jobs, including service jobs and manufacturing jobs, and
  • As many as three times that number of ‘induced’ jobs, those jobs created because increased infrastructure capacity allowed more ready new business creation, and access to world markets.

“Colorado is leading the nation in infrastructure and transportation and is setting the standard for innovation,” said Jeffery Kullman, president of Move Colorado. “The Leadership Forum will shed light on the dire state of our infrastructure and offer project-based solutions that will transform Colorado and the United States.”

“Colorado is one of only handful of states that has the right approach to infrastructure,” said Norman Anderson, president and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure. “These projects have the potential to boost jobs and the economy now while preparing us for the future.”

Key Colorado Conference Sessions

The following are select parts of the Leadership Forum related to Colorado. A complete agenda is attached.

October 15

4:00p – 4:50p PPP Markets in the US – The Right Paradigm?

  • Michael Cheroutes, HPTE Director [High Performance Transportation Enterprise], CDOT

4:00p – 4:50p Fracking & Natural Gas Boom; Driving Growth & Infrastructure Investment

  • Mary Smith, Office of Policy Research, Colorado

5:00p – 5:50p High Speed Rail in the US: To be, or Not to Be?

  • Mark Imhoff, Director, Division of Transit & Rail, CDOT

6:00p – 6:50p Working Group: A Closer Look at RTD’s priority pipeline of projects, and a discussion of financing challenges & opportunities

  • Bill Van Meter, Assistant GM, Planning, RTD and Rick Clark, Assistant GM, Capital Programs, RTD

October 16

11:00a – 12:00p Top Rail & Transit Projects

  • N Metro Commuter Rail / Project Portfolio – Bill Van Meter, Assistant General Manager, RTD FasTracks Team
  • Integrated Connectivity Study: Front Range & Mountain Corridor – David Krutsinger, Project Manager, CDOT

12:00p – 1:30p Luncheon & Keynote Address from Governor John Hickenlooper
1:30p – 1:45p Special Session: Project of the Year Awards
2:45p – 3:45p Top 5 Water / Wastewater Projects

  • Southern Delivery System, Stage 1 – Colorado Springs Utilities – John Fredell, Southern Delivery System Program Director

3:45p – 4:45p Top Highways / Bridges

  • I-70 Corridor Projects – Nick Farber, Enterprise Specialist, HPTE, CDOT

October 17

10:30a – 11:15a Debate: The Future of Infrastructure in the US – The Candidates Debate

  • CG/LA has invited both Presidential candidates, or their high level surrogates, to participate in the Leadership Forum, and to detail their approaches to infrastructure.

For more information contact Michael Price at (720) 515-7581 or

(Event Details / Agenda)