This morning, the state Senate and House transportation committees jointly convened a hearing to investigate Colorado’s funding challenges. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI), and the Colorado Municipal League (CML) were guests at the hearing to make presentations and answer questions from lawmakers. The message was clear, despite creative efforts to fund transportation projects, Colorado isn’t investing enough to move Colorado into the future.

A revealing graphic was shared that demonstrated how the transportation budget stacks up against 1991 levels when the gas tax was last raised.  CDOT  calculates that the budget has fallen by millions of dollars due to inflation, even while our transportation system continues to age.  The budget is expected to continue its decline in the near future.


CML conducted a survey of its members gauging the state of their location transportation systems. According to CML, the following were their key findings:

  • 90% list streets as a budgetary challenge
  • 53% list street maintenance/improvements #1
  • 59% report unfunded identified street projects
  • 24% report unfunded identified bridge projects

CCI backed increasing funding for transportation with an affirmative statement:

“CCI supports efforts to generate increased transportation revenue to address state and local transportation infrastructure needs – including a referred ballot measure to increase transportation revenues – provided that any new revenues generated are shared among state, county and municipal governments in the same proportions as current HUTF payments.” – Colorado Counties, Inc.

Here’s a brief video on the state of transportation from TBD Colorado:

[raw_html_snippet id=”tbd state of transportation”]

Move Colorado will continue to help organization educational hearings at the Capitol in cooperation with state legislators, CDOT, and Colorado Contractors Association. Below are the details for upcoming hearings:

Events Details

All hearings are at the Colorado State Capitol, Room HCR112 at 7:30am unless otherwise noted.

  • Mar. 14th – Economic Development: Guest Presenters – CCA, ACEC, Colorado Rock Products
  • Mar. 21st – Ports-to-Plains: Guest Presenters – Ports-to-Plains and Agricultural Community
  • Mar. 28th – Transit/RTD: Guest Presenters – RTD and CASTA
  • April 4th – Alternative funding including tolling, VMT, and P3’s: Guest Presenter – TBD