Gov. Matt Mead has recommended that the tax rate be increased to help provide a long-term funding source for transportation work.  “Every part of Wyoming’s economy relies on an effective, well-maintained and continually improved highway system,” Mead recently stated. “Good planning, reasonable costs and effective management can only be achieved through reliable, long-term funding.”


This article is part of a series that will continue on that provides insight to what is happening around the nation, both at the federal level and state levels, addressing the infrastructure liability that continues to grow. These will be categorized under Transportation Funding.


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January 4, 2013

An effort is underway at the Wyoming statehouse to boost transportation revenues.

The Legislature’s interim transportation panel filed a bill for consideration during the upcoming session that would increase the state’s fuel tax rate to help cover a $135 million annual shortfall to upkeep roads. The tax has remained unchanged for 14 years.

The bill – HB69 – would increase the state’s fuel tax rate by 10 cents to pay for needed road work.

Truckers and other drivers in Wyoming now pay a 14-cent-per-gallon tax at the fuel pump. The tax rate would increase to 24 cents if lawmakers endorse the change…