The gas tax is “dying tax” – Lone Tree Mayor Jim Gunning

move_fb_twitterWhen was the last time you barely avoided a scary pothole, or sat in miles of stop and go traffic? Those kinds of problems happen all too often here, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. CDOT estimates that about half the state’s roads are in rough shape. Now, a coalition of cities and counties across the state is searching for ways to pay for improvements. And a tax hike could land on next year’s ballot. Lone Tree Mayor Jim Gunning speaks with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. Gunning is chair of this statewide coalition, called MPACT 64. He says it’ll take big bucks to fix Colorado’s infrastucture — and that gas taxes are no longer a viable way to raise funds. But policy makers on the Western Slope say a sales tax could hurt businesses there.

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