In a recent interview on Colorado Matters, Governor John Hickenlooper was asked what stood out at the TBD Colorado regional meetings, which he has been holding around the state this year.  The first policy topic he mentioned was transportation and he said Coloradans unanimously support creating an effective transportation system.

If fact, our research shows that more than 80% of TBD Colorado participants from across the state agreed that increasing tax revenue dedicated to our transportation system is needed.

Here’s an excerpt from the transcript (emphasis added):

RW: Your administration spent the spring convening big public meetings around the state, to hear from citizens what their big policy concerns are and what they want to see the state become in the future. And you call this effort, TBD, To Be Determined. You just wrapped up public hearing a few weeks ago. What stood out?

JH: I thought that this notion that you could go around and have thirty-eight or forty town hall meetings all over the state and ask people what were their priorities. I just, I like the image of that and I like the feel of it and I like, as we begin to pour over the data that came back, it is clear that there are certain places that we find consensus as a state.

RW: Like?

JH: Uh, people unanimously feel like they want to make sure we have a transportation system that is effective throughout the state.

RW: They feel that’s lacking now?

JH: Yeah. That there are portions of the state where they have not kept up with investment.

RW: Any examples?

JH: I can’t think of them off the top of my head. But we heard that from a desire of a better statewide system all over.

Click here to listen to the entire interview.