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Colorado’s transportation needs have gone unmet for decades. In every corner of our state, we lack the resources to maintain our roads, highways and local bus routes.

Because the state’s gas tax isn’t tied to inflation, there has been less and less revenue from existing gas taxes to address Colorado’s transportation needs. Today, Colorado spends just $69 per driver on transportation infrastructure, compared to 25 years ago when we spent almost twice that amount – $126 per driver.

CDOT has more than $9 billion in projects with no funding – and that’s only part of the issue, our local communities lack the resources to address congestion, maintain roads and improve safety. We need a statewide solution that ensures local governments have the resources to meet demands, addresses high-priority projects on state highways, and promotes multimodal transportation options that reduce congestion.

Just the facts

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Both Transportation Funding Propositions-Fact-Sheet Comparison (Propositions 109 & 110)
Estimated City Revenue Distribution
Estimated County Revenue Distribution


It’s been 27 years since we last changed how Colorado funds transportation. A lot’s changed since then.


Today, Colorado spends almost half of what it did in 1991 on transportation per driver.


It’s time to stop the band-aid approach.
In the next 10 years, 78% of Colorado roads will need to be repaired, but the state lacks the budget to keep up.

Together We Go

Colorado Department of Transportation

Project & Program Spotlight
24-7, CDOT is committed to your safety and the quality of your travel on more than 23,000 lane miles throughout the state. We know that transportation impacts you on a daily basis, which is why we’re always working to improve the way you move.


Interactive Project Map
Click here for a map of all the projects we are planning and to see details of the projects included in your region.


Areas of Focus
Explore some of our areas of focus and what we are doing to address them.


Challenges We Face
CDOT regularly receives ideas for transportation improvements from the public. Everything from widening highways, building bike and pedestrian friendly roads, creating more transit options and constructing that long wished for light rail to the mountains. We would love to do all of these projects and more, but we’re up against a steep funding crisis.




Your CDOT Dollar
Did you ever wonder how and where CDOT spends its funding?