AASHTO Journal
September 4, 2015

capitalsunWith Congress due back in Washington right after Labor Day, many lawmakers got late reminders that their home states need a long-term highway bill that provides certainty and substantial Highway Trust Fund disbursements for years beyond the current Oct. 29 expiration.

The latest push came from governors in the Northeast, a mid-South state and from leading national business and labor groups, all pressing Congress to end the cycles of short-term patches to the trust fund and to invest in infrastructure programs that boost the economy.

The chief executives of seven states who form the Coalition of Northeastern Governors sent an Aug. 31 letter on surface transportation infrastructure needs to the top lawmakers in the two House committees that write transportation program authorizing legislation and find ways to pay for it.

“We strongly encourage the House and Senate to enact a fully funded, multiyear authorization bill that includes a sustainable revenue stream dedicated to the Highway Trust Fund,” the governors told the chairmen and ranking minority members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and the Ways and Means Committee. Read on…