Colorado’s transportation system is not financially sustainable – projects have been set aside or deferred while our system ages and population continues to grow. Investments are needed to make the transportation system work efficiently and safely, to keep congestion at acceptable levels, and to revitalize important transportation corridors that connect our basic economic activity – recreation, tourism, agriculture, and our daily work commute.

Move Colorado is an organization focused on this issue – adequate funding for Colorado’s transportation system. We need your leadership, your support, and your participation as an organization, a company, a public agency, or as an individual committed to solutions to the transportation funding gap we face in Colorado.

The organization is composed of member organizations, companies, and public agencies. The Board of Directors directs the non-profit organization. The Council provides leadership, and direction, and coordinates resources. Committees mobilize expertise, information, and volunteers. Membership and participation are based on financial commitment through annual dues.

Help Make it Happen

Move Colorado is your opportunity to take action, and send the message for transportation we need.”

To join Move Colorado, provide the following contact information:

For membership questions, please contact:
Carla Perez

Move Colorado is a private industry organization that provides information, sponsors education programs, and supports the efforts of the Colorado community, business and political leaders to solve transportation funding issues. MoveColorado engages in political advocacy activities described in Section 162 (e). We have estimated that such activities represent 20% of our total activities. Consequently, pursuant to Section 162 (e), 20% of your membership dues are not deductible for tax purposes.