Much hard work has been done on both sides of the issue recently regarding the proposed contract between the Colorado High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) and Plenary Roads Denver, the group selected as the concessionaire for the US 36 managed lanes project.

Move Colorado and our membership stand in support of this agreement – which has been assembled and vetted through a public process spanning several years – for myriad reasons, some of which include:

  • Our ability to even just maintain the current condition of our state’s transportation infrastructure is in jeopardy. Budgets and funding streams are unable to sustain the existing system, let alone support improvements necessary for a strong economy and to maintain our current quality of life.
  • We support an “all of the above” approach to funding transportation in our state, and understand that Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) enabled by the HPTE statute are an important, tested, effective option for some of our most pressing challenges.

Innovative funding methods such as P3s are bound to raise questions because people are unfamiliar with the concept. Move Colorado sees this as an opportunity to foster greater understanding of the intense funding challenges we face. As elected officials and industry experts, we share responsibility to talk plainly about the facts and use this as an opportunity for a broader discussion about how we solve transportation challenges in our state

Move Colorado supports a comprehensive statewide transportation policy that takes a holistic approach as opposed to the current patchwork of temporary fixes. We support a broader conversation that welcomes all parties to help set the policy that will put in place sustainable funding stream(s) that provide responsible investment in our future.

In the end, it’s not in our nature as Coloradans to avoid tough challenges. We’re a people who take these head-on. Together with all who have come to the table – Let’s get to work.


Melissa Osse
Executive Director
Move Colorado

For the complete letter, click on the following link: US36 P3 Contract Support Letter