Snyder told The Detroit News’ Editorial Board on Thursday he favors giving voters a choice — but reiterated that doing nothing will only exacerbate a growing road funding deficit.


This article is part of a series that will continue on that provides insight to what is happening around the nation, both at the federal level and state levels, addressing the infrastructure liability that continues to grow. These will be categorized under Transportation Funding.


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January 18, 2013

Gov. Rick Snyder hit the road Thursday with his pitch for getting $1.2 billion more per year from drivers to repair Michigan’s roads as key lawmakers began crafting a legislative plan that could include a vote on a statewide sales tax as early as May.

Bills could be introduced next week proposing the gasoline tax and higher vehicle registration fees Snyder called for Wednesday in his State of the State address, said state Sen. Roger Kahn, a Saginaw County Republican who is spearheading the transportation funding overhaul…