New York Times
July 16, 2015

17CONGWEB1-master675More than 30 times over the past six years, Congress has mustered the money only for short-term extensions of the federal highway trust fund, the equivalent of repeatedly putting $5 of gas in an empty tank.

With the highway fund set to hit empty on July 31, the House on Wednesday passed another modest squirt into the tank, an $8 billion, five-month transportation patch, by a vote of 312 to 119. It did so with a promise that by Dec. 18, Congress will pass — and President Obama will sign — a major overhaul of the international business tax code that will yield the money to fund a long-term transportation bill.

But that approach has one important doubter, Senator Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican and the majority leader, who thinks the prospects of such largess are about as likely as winning the lottery. Read on…