DENVER, CO – Move Colorado announced today that it endorses Aurora referendum 2B, which will provide $5.7 million a year for 21 transportation projects. The measure expands Aurora’s transportation options without raising taxes and will cost the average property owner less than a gallon of milk a month.

“Residents and policymakers throughout Colorado have taken leadership to fund projects that are critical to their neighborhoods and local economies,” said Jeffery Kullman, an Aurora resident and president of Move Colorado. “Referendum 2B is an example of that kind of leadership, and the projects it intends to fund will ensure Aurora has a bright future and a stronger economy.”

Move Colorado believes that the projects funded by referendum 2B will have a positive affect on Aurora and will complement other regional transportation projects. For example, the RTD board recently approved funding to complete the I-225 light rail project that will connect Aurora with Denver and help reduce congestion and alleviate projected population growth. A portion of the funding will be used to support the light rail project, which is expected to be complete by 2015.

“Eventually, we’ll need to address transportation at a statewide level but local communities depend on reliable transportation to support their economic, health and education systems,” said Kullman. “I’ll be voting ‘Yes’ on 2B, and I strongly encourage my neighbors to vote ‘Yes’ too.”

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