DENVER, CO – Move Colorado endorses a ballot measure extending the Pikes Peak RTA sales and use tax, which will appear on the ballot this November in several Colorado municipalities. Move Colorado’s board of directors passed a formal resolution in support of the measure at its monthly meeting.

“The initiative will fund bridges, roadways and bike paths; it’s the type of holistic approach to transportation that’s needed throughout the state,” said Bill Lang, board member of Move Colorado. “Colorado’s transportation infrastructure is at a critical juncture, and it’s essential that we support funding for projects that have a track record of success.”

The sales and use tax, which funds the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority, was originally approved by voters in 2004. Colorado Springs, Calhan, Ramah, El Paso County, Manitou Springs, and Green Mountain Falls are all parties to the authority. The initiative will extend for ten years the existing 0.55% sales and use tax, which sunsets on December 31, 2014.

There are 154 projects targeted for funding by the initiative, totaling $567,821. The projects are broken into two priority lists, “A” and “B,” with “A” listed projects receiving first priority. Priority “A” projects must be fully funded prior to use of funding for priority “B” projects. For the full list of projects and to read more about the initiative, visit the Pikes Peak RTA website.

Move Colorado also recently endorsed Aurora Referendum 2B, which provides $5.7 million a year for 21 transportation projects. Similar to the Pikes Peak RTA initiative, the Aurora measure expands transportation options without raising taxes. Move Colorado believes that both of these projects are worthy of support from voters.

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