Melissa Osse brings wealth of experience and knowledge in transportation

move_fb_twitterDENVER, CO – Today, Move Colorado’s board of directors announced the hiring of Melissa Osse as the organization’s executive director. Ms. Osse has over a decade of combined experience in government relations and transportation. She will help Move Colorado demonstrate the pressing need for a statewide solution to fund Colorado’s aging transportation system.

“Melissa has the depth of knowledge and experience in transportation to be an extremely effective executive director,” said Jeffery Kullman, president of Move Colorado. “She understands what it takes to make policy ideas a reality. We’re proud to have her on our team; she’ll be a valuable asset for Coloradans.”

“Transportation is an issue that I’m passionate about, and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to preserve and advance the system for future generations,” said Ms. Osse. “Freedom of mobility and safe, reliable transportation are important to Coloradans and fundamental to our economy. The state of our transportation infrastructure has reached a tipping point, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to make a difference.”

Ms. Osse has an intimate knowledge of Colorado’s transportation policy and of the legislative process. For over four years, she served as legislative liaison for the Colorado Department of Transportation and later for the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration under Governors Bill Ritter and John Hickenlooper. She successfully led the legislative effort to pass FASTER and the creation of the Division of Transit and Rail.

In addition to her work in state government, she has been legislative director for Axiom Strategies and was legislative liaison for Colorado Counties, Inc. She began her career as press secretary for US Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming. She lives in Parker, CO with her husband and son.

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