Jeffery Kullman, President

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Presidential debates matter. They matter because candidates can elevate issues that might otherwise be lost. In the first debate, both candidates did a great job of discussing their views on the economy. Hopefully in the next debate, candidates will seize the opportunity to discuss our national infrastructure and transportation systems.

Transportation is an economic powerhouse. For every $1 billion invested in public transportation, more than 36,000 jobs are supported.[1] That’s partly why the bipartisan group Building America’s Future, which includes Gov. John Hickenlooper, asked for infrastructure to be a debate topic.

States are struggling to determine how to maintain and fund our infrastructure. We need leaders at the national level to contribute solutions and raise awareness about the state that it’s in. With one more domestic-policy debate, I hope the candidates make these issues a top priority.

Jeffery Kullman, president of Move Colorado

[1] “The Benefits of Public Transportation”, by the American Public Transportation Association