Joe Kiely, Vice President of Operations for Ports-to-Plains Alliance, provided a joint session of the Colorado Senate and House transportation committees with an in-depth presentation on the Port-to-Plains Alliance and its role in Colorado. Ports-to-Plains is a grassroots alliance of communities and businesses whose mission is to advocate for a robust transportation infrastructure to promote economic security and prosperity throughout North America’s energy and agricultural heartland.


Joe Kiely testifying at joint hearing of the Colorado House and Senate transportation committees

The Port-to-Plains transportation corridor spans from Mexico through America’s heartland to Canada.

Ports-to-Plains Map

Ports-to-Plains Map

A primary purpose of the Ports-to-Plains corridor is to ensure the safe, consistent delivery of products and services that are critical to our quality of life. That includes:

  • Filling your favorite store shelves
  • Getting products to you at the right time and place
  • Exporting manufactured goods
  • Moving components for traditional and renewable energies
  • Transporting the agriculture economy
  • Bringing tourists to Colorado

Transportation and logistics in 2012 boosted the economy with employment, wages and businesses:

  • 188,644 Employees
  • $65,875 Average Wage
  • 16,346 Companies

To learn more about Ports-to-Plains visit

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