The following are statements released by members of Move Colorado regarding a legal attack launched by Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF), which threatens a key component of Colorado’s transportation system – FASTER.

“The FASTER fees were established to help state and local governments maintain our bridges and enhance safety on our highways. The best way to protect the taxpayers is not legal wrangling, but to help create solutions that will lead to better services for all Coloradans.” – Jeff Kullman, President of Move Colorado

“Everyone relies on transportation, from our students to emergency responders. We depend on having roads that are safe and well maintained. The FASTER fees are directly related to a service being provided. They have fixed dozens of structurally deficient bridges, smoothed our pavements and put thousands of Coloradans to work. This lawsuit is a reckless attempt to dismantle a legitimate user fee that is being invested in improving our state’s quality of life.” – Tony Milo, Move Colorado board member

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