Nominees Announced – Winners to be Announced on October 16th at 2pm

CG/LA Infrastructure

Contact: Craig Guzinsky,
EMail: Craig [at] cg-la [dot] com

The Leadership Forum is the premier strategic infrastructure projects event in North America, featuring the Top 100 infrastructure projects with a total value of over $440 billion. This year the 4th Annual Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum takes place in Denver, Colorado from October 15th to 17th. Aconex – the world leader in on-line project management – is sponsoring the Strategic Infrastructure Project of the Year Awards, and will announce the winners at 2pm on October 16th.

According to Leigh Jasper, Aconex CEO: “The Project of the Year Awards recognize exceptional projects, as well as the ambitions and aspirations of the men and women developing them. We hope to support these projects every step of the way, ensuring that they are efficiently managed in a collaborative environment and completed on time and on budget.”

Project of the Year awards are given in five project categories. Nominees are all projects that are planned for the very near future, and demonstrate the imagination and technical skills of their developers, inspiring people from around the region with new ideas and paradigms for infrastructure project development. Categories are the following:

Strategic Project of the Year – That project which will generate a quantum leap in a country or region’s productivity and/or competitiveness. The project is a game changer, in the sense of dramatically improving the global competitiveness of the country or region in which the project is situated.

  • Michigan DOT- New International Trade Crossing ($2.1 billion)
  • LA Metro- Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor ($10 billion)
  • Indiana DOT- Ohio River Bridges- East End Crossing ($2.6 billion)
  • City of Thunder Bay, Canada – Ring of Fire Mining ($80 billion total potential)
  • RTD/Denver – North Metro Commuter Rail ($450 million)

Finance Project of the Year – That project which establishes and/or most extends an innovative finance model, moving us closer to more, better and faster infrastructure investment. This is absolutely critical, given the pent-up demand for infrastructure finance in North America, and the creative solutions that both Canada and certain US states – specifically including Colorado – are developing.

  • Commonwealth of Virginia, Port of Virginia ($3.9 billion)
  • State of Ohio, Brent Spence Bridge ($2.4 billion)
  • US 36 Phase 1 & 2 ($400 million)
  • Interior Heart & Surgical Centre Project, Partnerships BC ($448 million)

Engineering Project of the Year – That project which extends or demonstrates the region’s technical engineering capacity, especially including design and creative problem solving. This includes designs that are either path-breaking in terms of basic engineering, or in terms of value for money, or some combination of the two.

  • Quebec Ministry of Transportation- Turcot Reconstruction ($3 billion)
  • Southern Nevada Water Authority- Lake Meade Intake #3 ($750 million)
  • New Jersey – Northeast Grid ($1 billion)
  • Chicago Transit Authority- Red & Purple Line Modernization ($4 billion)

Job/Opportunity Creation Project of the Year – That project that will create the greatest number of jobs and/or businesses over the lifetime of the project. This needs to be well-documented, and specifically tabulates direct, indirect and induced job creation – over the 20 to 30 year life of the project. It is particularly important to judge these projects in terms of long-term business impact.

  • RTD/Denver – North Metro Commuter Rail ($450 million)
  • City of Thunder Bay Ring of Fire, Canada ($80 billion, total potential value)
  • Port of San Diego- Chula Vista Bayfront MasterPlan ($2 billion)
  • Indiana DOT- Illiana Corridor ($2.87 billion)
  • Port of Lazaro Cardenas Industrial Expansion, Mexico ($350 million)

New/Green Project – That project which makes the greatest difference in the region’s green agenda, from solar, wind and geothermal to energy efficiency and technology applications, and including clean natural gas. These are projects that significantly reduce a region’s carbon footprint.

  • Clean Line Energy Partners- Rock Island Clean Line ($1.7 billion)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric- East County Substation Renewables Substation ($435 million)
  • Xcel Energy Retiring & Replacing Coal Power Plants (Part of Clean Air Clean Jobs Initiatives)
  • South Metro Water Supply Authority- Water Infrastructure & Supply Efficiency (WISE) Partnership ($150 million)

“The forum is generating the kind of conversation on infrastructure that we need in Colorado and across the country,” said Tony Milo, member of Move Colorado. “Innovative projects create jobs and are the foundation of a robust economy. We’re proud that Colorado projects are nominated to receive these prestigious awards because they embody true creativity and forward thinking.”

According to Norman F. Anderson, President & CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, “these are the projects that will shape North American competitiveness in the next 10-20 years – and we want to both recognize the importance of these projects and the people who are leading them, a difficult, often unrewarding and absolutely critical job!”