Jeffery Kullman, President

Aurora residents received welcome news in July when RTD board members approved the I-225 light rail project connecting Aurora with Denver. Now, Aurora residents will have a chance in November to take matters into their own hands by supporting a measure that will expand Aurora’s transportation options without raising taxes. Referendum 2B is essential to Aurora’s future and it’ll cost the average resident less than a gallon of milk a month to fund it.

For several years, I’ve been involved with transportation advocacy because it’s clear that Colorado’s system needs strong proponents. Despite the best efforts of transportation officials, state revenues have fallen by 30% over the last five years. As a result, 52% of our roads are now rated in poor condition and 33% of our highways require major rehabilitation or complete reconstruction. Falling revenues are partly due to the fact that a tax that funds our transportation system hasn’t changed since 1991.

Fortunately, residents and policymakers throughout Colorado have taken leadership to fund projects that are critical to their neighborhoods and local economies. Referendum 2B is an example of that kind of leadership. The projects it intends to fund are located throughout Aurora and will provide direct benefits to residents.

Transportation is the glue that connects our communities. From health care facilities to military installations, we rely on transportation for our basic needs. Eventually, we’ll need to solve our transportation challenges statewide but that shouldn’t stop us from making smart decisions in Aurora. I strongly encourage residents to join me in voting “Yes” on referendum 2B.

Jeffery Kullman is an Aurora resident and president of Move Colorado.