Financing and Accelerating the Next Generation of Major Transportation Projects in Colorado By SS-Baumgardnerenator Randy Baumgardner/Rep Brian DelGrosso

Upon referral and voter approval in 2015, Colorado can generate $3.5 Billion in funding by renewing the successful 1999 TRANS Bonding Program. With interest rates at their lowest in history, the state can bond against 50% of federal gas tax dollars to generate the approximately $3.5 Billion in bond proceeds … a lump sum which will used to accelerate defined, and much needed, transportation projects throughout Colorado. In addition to over 30 important projects located in every region of the state, signature projects for TRANS II would be congestion mitigation of the I-70 Mountain Corridor and the North I-25 Corridor.

H-DelGrossoAs was the case in 1999, CDOT has already identified $2.93 billion in transportation projects that meet the following criteria: 1) the project or corridor is strategic in nature 2) it does not have significant construction funding already identified 3) must be able to begin construction within 5 years and 4) must be economically significant for the state and/or region in which it resides.


TRANS II – Get Colorado Moving!

CDOT Response to Transportation Partners

Potential Project Listing