When it comes to transportation facts, you know the details. The history of transportation revenue … the use details …the role of transportation in the economy… Of course you do!

The real question is this… Do your neighbors and friends know the transportation facts?

In Colorado there is a  serious discussion taking place regarding the future of the transportation systems that move people and goods throughout our states, nation and continent. Will we stop the deterioration of the system… stop increase the future costs that come from doing nothing? Not unless your friends and neighbors know the facts!

The Move Colorado and the Ports-to-Plains Alliance are taking a lead in Colorado in providing those facts in a simple, continuous, daily basis.

Of course you know:

  • The 22 cent per gallon CO state gas tax was last raised in 1991
  • Over the past five years, CDOT’s budget has decreased by about 30% – from $1.6b to $1.1b in 2012
  • When gas prices increase in CO, the amount of tax paid remains the same per gallon
  • 31% of CO’s major urban highways are congested
  • 34% of Colorado’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition

Of course they know… or do they?

Are you sharing the facts with your friends and neighbors? Have You connected to MOVE COLORADO through Facebook, Twitter, and the Linkedin group?

Every working day, Move Colorado will provide you with two facts about the transportation system. All you need to do is share them with your friends and neighbors.

Some of you are sharing where you drank coffee today! Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all provide shared information to your network of neighbors and friends. Simply SHARE, COMMENT or RETWEET the Transportation facts every day. And… perhaps your friends and neighbors will share the facts with their friend s and neighbors… who will share with…

It starts with you… otherwise they may never know the value of the transportation system or the cost of a poor system.

Joe Kiely is Vice President of Operations for the Ports-to-Plains Alliance and a board member of Move Colorado. Email him at joe.kiely@portstoplains.com.