LaHood has announced he will not serve for the president’s second term and will resign once his succesor is confirmed.

As President Barack Obama begins his transition into a second term, transportation stakeholders and advocates are wondering who he’ll tap to join his cabinet as the next transportation secretary.

About this time a year ago, Ray LaHood signaled that he would step down after the president’s first term. But he hasn’t discussed his future plans lately, leaving some in the transportation community to speculate about whether he’s going anywhere.

Now, a favorite guessing game among transportation wonks has become who would be LaHood’s replacement if he does, in fact, step aside. Governing takes a look at some of the candidates whose names have been bandied about and other officials who might be worth a look.

But the list should be taken with a grain of salt: LaHood, though familiar with transportation, wasn’t considered a major player in the field before becoming secretary, and he initially was gunning for a spot as the secretary of agriculture.

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Updated January 29, 2013