move_fb_twitterMove Colorado is a private industry organization that provides information, sponsors education programs, and supports the efforts of Colorado community, business, and political leaders to solve transportation funding issues.

Transportation Benefits Everyone

  • Growth of your business, and our economy
  • Jobs, economic development, a competitive economy
  • The mobility we need to access work, education and recreation
  • Maintain our quality of life in Colorado
  • Our future

The Challenge

  • The economic downturn reduced dollars available for transportation improvements
  • Current funding levels will not catch up
  • We are falling further behind, fixing yesterdays problems
  • The transportation system needs more than small scale investments

A Future at Risk

  • Transportation revenues fail to keep pace with growth and inflation
  • Colorado risks falling farther behind in transportation infrastructure

The creation of Move Colorado recognizes that new challenges require new commitments, focused leadership, and new ways to get the job done for Colorado’s economic future and quality of life.

Move Colorado will work to set the pace for funding transportation in Colorado as an advocate for funding solutions. Move Colorado is committed to being an effective partner in the state’s economic development.

Help Move Colorado for a strong economic future and a quality of life for future generations.