“While there have been a number of different efforts exploring how transportation funding in Colorado can be addressed, we all agree that our state faces critical transportation needs. The Chamber maintains its commitment to helping build a broad coalition in Colorado to develop solutions and ensure we can move people and goods efficiently and safely throughout our state,” said Kelly Brough, President and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

“Through continued voter research, stakeholder engagement and statewide outreach, we plan to develop a measure for 2018 that best addresses the safety and congestion on our state’s road, highways and bridges, while also assisting Colorado’s diverse regions and local communities with their transportation needs,” Tony Milo, executive director of the Colorado Contractors Association concluded.

DENVER—The Colorado Contractors Association, Associated General Contractors of Colorado, Colorado Construction Industry Coalition and Move Colorado today announced they were withdrawing the 10 ballot proposals submitted in March for the 2016 election. The coalition will immediately begin focusing on developing a transportation-funding measure for the 2018 election.

“We have spent more than a year studying and talking to voters to assess their concerns about our state’s transportation system and willingness to invest in roads, bridges, highways and other transportation improvements,” said Tony Milo, executive director of the Colorado Contractors Association. “Over the past three months, we developed several ballot questions, and then worked diligently to assess the best timetable to present voters with a ballot question. Through this research, we learned that 2018 may be a much better time for this election.”

Key concerns, according to Milo, were voter confusion created by multiple issues being discussed for this year’s statewide ballot and the uncertain dynamics of the upcoming presidential election. …

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