Capitol Rally Marks Major Campaign Milestone

Monday, August 6th, marked a major milestone for the drive to give Colorado a predictable, guaranteed funding source for our overburdened transportation system. Nearly 200,000 Coloradans signed our petitions saying they’re ready to make a small sales tax investment to yield big dividends for neglected projects on our roads, bridges and other transportation assets.

A bipartisan group of elected officials along with supporters from business, labor and civic groups rallied at the State Capitol to urge voters to back this strong and sustainable solution to Colorado’s transportation crisis.

“If we want to address the crisis on our roads, Colorado needs a sustainable flow of dollars to make good intentions about transportation become actual roads and bridges,” said Summit County Commissioner Dan Gibbs, a Democrat who is one of the formal proponents of the measure. “We know that Colorado lacks the funding needed to give our citizens and businesses the transportation system they need and deserve.”

“Our citizens and local businesses are clamoring for congestion relief. It is a top priority for local elected officials. This plan dedicates 40 percent of funding to local projects identified by local communities. It finally addresses the needs that have been talked about for years,” said Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet, a Republican.

“A safe and reliable system of roads and bridges are vital for our farmers and ranchers – and the economic benefit they provide for Colorado. A dedicated sales tax for transportation guarantees that the long-overdue projects in rural Colorado will finally become a reality,” said Chad Vorthmann, Executive Vice President of the Colorado Farm Bureau.

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