Anticipating the rise in purchase and use of the new all electric cars available last spring in the U.S., coupled with rising gas prices, greater fuel efficiency and the march toward hybrids, it is easy to understand why there is renewed and reinvigorated interest in finding an alternative to the diminishing returns of the antiquated gas tax model.

  • That’s why Move Colorado appointed a Mileage Based User Fee (MBUF) Task Force to develop user fee mileage based alternatives as possible long term solutions
  • That’s why the MBUF Task Force is addressing the challenge of more efficient and alternative fuel vehicles that get more miles to the gallon but generate fewer revenues
  • That’s why Move Colorado has partnered with the Clean Cities Coalition and over 70 organizations and government entities to address the fiscal issues in a readiness plan for electric vehicle expansion in Colorado – project FEVER.

Move Colorado will address the policy barriers of lost fuel tax revenues. State transportation departments are heavily dependent on fuel tax revenues for roadway enhancement, maintenance and repairs. How can Colorado benefit from EV’s and still maintain our transportation infrastructure?

A robust EV market share will result in reduced revenues without commensurate reductions in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and other roadway impacts. Oregon, Washington, and Texas have been exploring different ways to bring electric vehicles into the revenue mix. The experience of these and other states will be examined.

Research, dialog and discussion among partners and coalition members will address the issues to be considered to remove fiscal barriers in broader workshops, outreach and education efforts

  • The Move Colorado MBUF Task Force will develop an analysis of EV issues and work with Move Colorado member organizations to understand and resolve them
  • During the year, Move Colorado will sponsor workshops and participate in forums statewide to refine and involve stakeholders in the process and then suggest implementation strategies as part of the readiness plan – a best practices blueprint for EVs in Colorado

The arrival of electric vehicles (EVs) in the US and Colorado, and the growth of alternative fuel vehicles, offers opportunities and challenges for mobility and financing of our transportation system. Move Colorado will pursue solutions which support and secure a long term, sustainable transportation finance platform for our economy, jobs and quality of life.

Contact information on the Move Colorado EV project:

Dr. Flo Raitano, Co-Chair, MBUF Task Forc, 970-393-2394
Randy Harrison, Consultant, 303-503-6304