Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

Those who follow transportation funding issues were disappointed last week by passage of the well intentioned but misguided SB 197 – a bill we respectfully request that you veto.

As the voice of many organizations and entities with interests in finding sustainable funding streams for our critical transportation infrastructure, Move Colorado supports aspects of the bill that protect the public’s interest by mandating public involvement and increased reporting to lawmakers on future Public Private Partnerships, or P3s. We oppose, however, the constraints on future P3s via onerous restrictions aimed at limiting a valuable tool from an ever-shrinking transportation funding toolbox. Weakening this tool, as this legislation does, effectively eliminates it – an outcome that we find untenable.

Having witnessed the process that was the catalyst for this bill, I’m confident that key issues will be addressed as new High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) projects move forward. The best parts of this legislation provide an exceptional roadmap to live up to lawmakers – and the public’s – expectations, and can be accomplished through executive order. The worst parts are just bad policy and deserve your veto.

Let’s give your Department of Transportation an opportunity to implement these principles before imposing unnecessarily narrow leeway on which to find innovative solutions to fund transportation infrastructure.

Melissa Osse
Executive Director

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