Tony Milo

In “Toll roads in Colorado can only go so far,” Curtis Hubbard clearly understands that Colorado faces two divergent paths. On one path we can continue to watch as our statewide transportation funding depletes, on the other less traveled path we can have a dialogue with voters and find new sources of revenue.

CDOT estimates that $8.6 billion is required to fully reconstruct state highways that need it. Since CDOT’s budget has shrunk by 30% in five years, it’s understandable that the TBD Colorado’s final report calls for “new transportation funding mechanisms” including “a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) fee, indexing the gas tax to inflation and greater regional funding authority.” A combination of solutions will likely be needed to address the situation.

Move Colorado welcomes the discussion advocated by Hubbard. If others take the road less traveled, we might save our transportation system and that will make all the difference.

Tony Milo is a member of Move Colorado, which provides information, sponsors education programs, and supports the efforts of the Colorado community, business, and political leaders to solve transportation funding issues.

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