Move Colorado is working hard to provide tools for the public to help them understand how our transportation system is managed and funded. Transportation can sometimes be a complex issue to understand, but what’s clear is that transportation is fundamentally necessary for a strong economy and vibrant quality of life.

Over the coming decades, Colorado’s population is expected to rise significantly, which will put a severe strain on the current system. The system is aging and underfunded. Over the last five years, the state budget for transportation has dropped by 30%. This is due to a number of factors that are explored by Move Colorado.

We created this website for residents and experts alike who are interested in how transportation affects the lives of Coloradans. You’ll find various tools to help you get a clear view of your state and neighborhood transportation systems, many of which are in dire need of repair or complete reconstruction. We encourage you to get involved in this important issue by joining us.

Together we can make a difference and ensure our representatives appropriately invest in the transportation system, a system we all rely on everyday.


Carla Perez